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IPB University Students Design the Smart QC Application for Future Agriculture

IPB University Students Design the Smart QC Application for Future Agriculture

Technological advancements encourage automation, especially in industry. Like a knife, technology has two sides. One side can be useful and the other side can backfire. On the other hand, the Indonesian agricultural industry is still somewhat alarming, such as inadequate quality control, which has not been directed towards improvement and evaluation of the production process. This causes the increase of incurred production costs.

This problem then encouraged three IPB University students to improve an application that could control the quality of an agro-industrial product, called “Smart QC: Real Time Quality Control Application”. These three students are Audhi Aprilliant, Rahmatin Nur Amalia, and Kevin Cesio Gemilang, who are the students of the Department of Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB University (FMIPA IPB).

Audhi Aprilliant as Team Leader said that the application designed with her team involves quality inspector, production supervisor and production manager in periodically conducting product quality assurance in an agro-industry.

“Actually, this application is a problem of Real Time Quality Control that I asked to the IPB University Statistics Department lecturer. My friend and I put the question of the problem in the form of an essay. We are trying to make an innovation in answering one of the problems in the industry, namely handling defective products in real time,” she explained.

The idea of Audhi and her friends won second place in the Greatness essay competition with the theme “Optimizing Student Innovation in Advancing Agro-industry to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0” held in Brawijaya University, Malang on 30 March 2019. The application was still in the development of concepts, ideas, and interface display. Audhi also cooperated with quality control statistics expert from the Statistics Department of IPB University.

“Alhamdulillah, the Smart QC team managed to win 2nd place. We will continue to upgrade our application so that it can be used and can be applied in industries in Indonesia in order to answer the challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Honestly, we are proud of obtaining 2nd place in this event because there were 85 teams from 40 universities throughout Indonesia. Participants from other universities also had good and innovative ideas,” said Audhi.

Audhi admitted that there were several challenges that must be faced when presenting their work. “We were only given seven minutes to convey our idea to the juries. It was one of the difficult challenges, but we were successful,” she added. (SN/ris/ZSP)


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