Hi there, I'm Audhi Aprilliant šŸ‘‹
  • šŸ”­ Iā€™m currently working on a personal project!
  • šŸŒ± Iā€™m currently learning Data Science and Analytics šŸ¤£
  • šŸ‘Æ Iā€™m looking to collaborate with other content creators
  • šŸ„… 2023 Goals: Give impact to society
  • āš” Fun fact: I love blogging, reading books, and drawing

Connect with me:

audhiaprilliant.github.io audhiaprilliant | Kaggle audhiaprilliant | Code Chef audhiaprilliant | Medium audhiaprilliant | Twitter audhiaprilliant | LinkedIn

Languages and Tools:

Python R Microsoft Excel MySQL PostgreSQL Tableau Visual Studio Code Git GitHub HTML5

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Curriculum Vitae

You can read my CV (March) here. For the latest version, please email me

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Head over to my Github repository!

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