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Introduction to Infographic for Preparatory Discussion Forum

Introduction to Infographic for Preparatory Discussion Forum


On March 18, 2023, I had the privilege of being selected as a speaker for the preparatory discussion forum of the highly regarded Satria Data 2023 competition, specifically focusing on the category dedicated to infographics. I was allocated a generous timeframe of 2 hours to deliver a comprehensive presentation, expounding on the fundamental theory behind crafting compelling infographics.

With the objective of bolstering the participating students’ groundwork in their competition preparations, I comprehensively addressed several key aspects of the theory, commencing with an elucidation of the very definition of infographics, followed by an exploration of the diverse types of infographics, the crucial elements involved in creating captivating visuals, and imparting graphic composition tips grounded in solid theoretical principles. Going beyond the theoretical realm, I augmented the students’ learning experience by providing numerous practical use cases, effectively raising their awareness regarding the common pitfalls to avoid when engaging in the design process of infographics.

The material I presented was derived from a meticulously crafted booklet titled “How to Make an Infographic - A Visual Guide for Beginners,” authored by Visme. This resource served as an invaluable reference, encapsulating the collective wisdom and expertise of the renowned platform in the field of infographic design. Drawing from this comprehensive guide, I had the pleasure of distilling the essence of its content, tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of the participating students at the preparatory discussion forum for the esteemed Satria Data 2023 competition.

Module for self-learning

In order to serve as an educational resource for aspiring student participants in the infographic competition, I have meticulously organized the material on the introduction to infographics.

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