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Win the Data Analysis Competition ITS 2019

Win the Data Analysis Competition ITS 2019

As Pekan Analisis Statistika, I had team with Aynayatul Khoiriyah. The DAC was using english because it is international event, Southeast Asian region. There were 3 stages in DAC 2019, preliminary, semifinal, and final. For preliminary, we had been given the Air Quality Index (AQI) data of United State. Before conducting data analysis and exploration, we must carefully check the whole data by pre-processing.

The objectives from analysis:

  • To find out several clusters in the US
  • To explore the characteristics of AQI and their pollutants in states of US

The result from preliminary stage must be visualized into poster. Semifinal stage consisted of 30 best team, 27 team of national and others were international. In semifinal stage, in 4 hours, we were developing exploration and classification model of telecommunication data. It was fantastic because we were just able to used one laptop for both writing paper and modelling. Shortly, we developed simple classification model for churn prediction using Decision Tree algorithm with sampling method. Several objectives from semifinal stage as follow:

  • To explore variables in the data to obtain information and knowledge about customer behaviour in telecommunication company
  • To classify and determine the rule either customer is churn or not using Decision Tree algorithm
  • To find out the important variables that can perfectly describe customer behaviour in telecommunication company

In the final, we had to present the analysis from previous stage and luckily, my team got 2nd position on data analysis and also 1st position of best poster.



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